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5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Curious About The World

Taking your kids out for a trip may seem like a far-fetched idea given the current situation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them curious about the world or excited about travel. So before boredom gets the best of them at home, get their young minds “exploring” through a wide array of fun travel-related activities you can do indoors! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Embark On A Virtual Field Trip

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Museums, artgalleries, and evenroyal residenceshave opened their doors—online—to visitors who are up for a virtual tour in the comfort of their home. Through these tours, you can visit the British Museumin the United Kingdomthen head on over toFranceto sneak a peek into the lavish Palace of Versailles!

Turn The Volume Up

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Create a playlist composed of songs from all over the world! You can opt to create a separate playlist per country or continent, or maintain variety by making one long playlist that boasts a hodgepodge of foreign tunes. You can even incorporate the music you choose with a daily exercise routine to keep the kids active during a time when their immune system needs a boost—think jumpy Bollywood melodies to cutesy K-Pop hits

Tweak Playtime

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Make playtime a learning experience! Sharpen your kids’ geography skills with a quiz night or rounds of charades about different countries and cultures. Make sure to reward them with a little something to motivate them to learn more about the world. 

You may also follow the hashtag#ColorOurCollectionson Instagram for free coloring pages of museums and libraries—an initiative first launched by the New York Academy of Medicine Library that has since become an annual online affair, with various libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions participating. 

Try Easy Recipes Of Foreign Dishes Or Global Food Trends

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in this post! From soufflé pancakes to dalgona coffee, the recipes are super simple so you and your kids are sure to have fun in the kitchen. 

Plan Your Next Big Adventure 

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It’s never too early to plan your next family trip! Get your kids to draw out their dream vacation and make sure to hear them out. Do they picture a tropical getaway on the beaches of Thailand yy6810电影院northern lights in Finland? Whatever they decide on, the most important thing is to keep them excited and to make them realize that these trying times will come to pass, too.

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